Digital & Analytics: Learning series

Client: Illinois based Multinational
Producer: Splainers
Art Direction: Gunjan Joshi
Production Team: Seth High, Ross Ishikawa, Lindsey Krassin,
Marco Piceno & Gunjan Joshi

Brief: Our corporate client wanted a video series to that would help familiarize employees with the a wide range of subjects ranging from Data Analytics, Agile methodology & Design Thinking. Individual videos had different methods of delivery, ranging from character driven to motion graphics.

Art & design direction, storyboarding and animation.
Art direction: To create a simple style that would emulate the clean feel of motion graphics, but also support character driven stories. The character based narratives were presented through reduced, gestural drawings that still retained a sense of environment.

Selected clips

The visual language was kept cohesive through the use of simple silhouettes (the example to the right uses circles). The goal was always to present complex data as simply as possible, and not overwhelm the learner.